Book #18

Rachel Rising: The Shadow of Death by Terry Moore

Rachel Beck wakes in a shallow grave and claws her way free as a mysterious woman watches from a bluff. With no memory of the night before, Rachel enlists the help of Aunt Johnny, the town mortician, to find her killer. But when repeated attacks send her to the morgue, Rachel's ability to wake from death again and again prove to be a blessing and a curse, and the eerie town of Manson will never be the same!

This is a great first volume; it sets the mood nicely, and presents the mysterious circumstances to us slowly, meaning we're not entirely confused by the supernatural goings on. It feels very much like a classic horror story, and is paced very well, building suspense and answering questions at the right times, but building more mystery as we go.

I particularly enjoyed Moore's vast range of female characters, and the diversity of these. All are engaging, all have a story and a past, and all are drawn as women, rather than idealisations.

Visually evocative, crisp and detailed, the artwork allows for the plot to really get to you. However, this volume alone is only doing the groundwork for what's to come - I can't wait.