Book #55

Y the Last Man: Girl on Girl by Brian K Vaughn & Pia Guerra

After two years spent warily crossing the U.S., Yorick Brown and his escorts, agent 355 and biochemist Alison Mann, have gone to sea. Mann has determined that the key to understanding what kept Yorick from dying when all the other men did lies within the body of Yorick's pet monkey, Ampersand, who has been abducted by a Japanese mercenary. 

Well, I tried. I think six volumes of this is plenty, so I won't be continuing Yorick's adventure with him. With another four volumes to go,  I don't think I can sacrifice precious reading time.

This time around, we're treated to adventure on the high seas, as Yorick and friends board a boat loaded with heroin. As expected, they run into a load of violence (this time with swords) and narrowly escape death once again, with Yorick getting tangled up with another woman. Vaughn also seemed to run out of shock factor plot twists (because let's face it, he's used everything in his arsenal more than four times) and to combat this, writes Mann and 355 into bed together. Hence the frat boy, homophobic, and frankly misogynistic volume title.

I must admit I was glad to see an older woman in this volume as every single woman here looks the same; epically proportioned and gorgeous. 

And we're still no further forward with the plot. I'm done. I'm fed up reading about characters in sticky situations, only to see them get out of the mess seconds later. I already have Blyton books I can read; give me something I don't expect. I've ranted enough about this series, so it's time to leave it behind with the other insipid stories I've read in my time. Goodbye, Yorick; I wouldn't come near you again if you were the last man on earth.