Book #13

Quidditch Through the Ages by JK Rowling

Did you know that: there are 700 ways of committing a foul in Quidditch? The game first began to evolve on Queerditch Marsh - What Bumphing is? That Puddlemere United is oldest team in the Britain and Ireland league (founded 1163). All this information and much more could be yours once you have read this book: this is all you could ever need to know about the history, the rules - and the breaking of the rules - of the noble wizarding sport of Quidditch. 

There isn't a single sport I'm a fan of, or enjoy, and Quidditch is no exception. I wasn't sure what to expect from this magical sporting reference book, but I'm glad I decided to give it a chance.

Although the chapters on the rules of the game and models of broomsticks throughout the years were laborious, I was delighted with the sections on how the game was invented, how it's evolved, and the reasons behind some of the rules and bans put in place by the Ministry. My favourite part was the description of how the Snitch came into being after the use of the Snidget bird caused public outrage (see: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

Despite my lack of interest in Quidditch, it's an important element of Rowling's wizarding world, and that fact alone makes this short book a must-read for any Potterhead.