Book #40

Leathered by Chris McQueer

Frank a 6ft 4 prison guard at Bar-L. A hardman and technophobe, firmly set in his ways, until Joe, a ‘Twitter Famous’ inmate, convinces Frank to send a tweet that changes the world. 

‘Kim Jong-Un? I could kick f*ck out of him.’

McQueer has done it again. It’s a real wonder what goes on in that boy’s heed, but we should be grateful for his capacity to put his mental thoughts down on paper for us to pore over.

This time, we meet Frank, a Bar-L prison guard and an absolute unit, who (after removing a phone from an inmates arse and being taught how to use Twitter), casually posts his first tweet: Kim Jong-Un? I could kick fuck out of him.” The rest of the story can only be politely described as fucking chaos.

We’re thrown into discussions on which Scottish celebrities would be able to hold their own in a fight, delivered to North Korea to see the fallout of Frank’s tweet, and ultimately given a ticket to the Hydro to see the biggest political bareknuckle scrap which has ever been imagined; the highlight of which is the supporting acts.

Fast-paced and completely hilarious, as is McQueer’s style, it’s another gorgeous wee gem set right on your doorstep. And on the Scottish celebrity capacity for violence, I think I could take Sheena Easton.