Book #90

Daughter of Poseidon by A.P. Mobley

Syrena has a chance to make a difference, and so long as there’s a chance, she has to try.

Five hundred years after the Greek gods destroyed the modern world, Syrena, Daughter of Poseidon, lives under the gods’ tyrannical rule. However, a centuries-old prophecy says a war will be waged on them. And if that means there’s a possibility to help those the Olympians have hurt, a possibility to change things for the better, Syrena will do anything to bring this prediction to life.

Even if it means losing everything she loves.

It’s always a good day when a new War on the Gods story drops into my inbox. I’ve been invested in this series for a couple of years now, and it just intrigues me more and more with every new instalment.

Daughter of Poseidon is a short teaser on what this world is experiencing, where the uprising are coming from, and how important the fulfilment of the prophecy is to the demigods. It would be an excellent place to start for anyone who is intrigued by the idea of mortals waging war on the gods, those mythical beings who have a huge arsenal of legendary weapons.

Syrena, Daughter of Poseidon, is a character who we’ve read about before, but only in the memories of others. We know how loved she is, we know she’s responsible for the prophecy beginning to come together, but we only ever see her through the eyes of someone else. It was wonderful to get into her head for a small number of pages, and really see her motivations, her game plan, and best of all, her insane power with water. It’s made me very excited for the third book in the trilogy.

I’d recommend this as the best place to start before embarking on your War on the Gods journey. Luckily, this one is free to download here; you’d be stupid not to.