Book #39

Hitting Home by Joseph Mitcham

Mitcham comes back at us with the third instalment in the Atrocities series. We’ve been working with a team of people set on locating and destroying a terrorist group who have already wreaked abhorrent obscenities on the country, and will continue to do so until stopped. In possession of the Watch List, we’re allowed on this journey to find the culprits, and neutralise them.

The choice of title becomes clear quickly, as we discover the types of people the group are targeting this time. It’s truly horrific to witness, and Mitcham creates a real sense of dread, disgust, and helplessness as we see senseless acts committed across the entire first half of the novel. Our reasoning solidifies, and we want more than anything to get these guys.

This was undoubtedly the most harrowing of the three novels for me. It was too personal, and far closer to home than either of the previous books. A mixture of me feeling close to the characters, and of seeing how these threats could affect me contributed to an intense feeling of engagement and a deep realisation of how we take pains to stop these types of atrocities.

As usual, Mitcham has really used his experience and knowledge in the military to allow us insight into a world we’d never see, and people we’d never meet. His ex-Army characters in particular jump off the page with their resilient and pragmatic personalities, people moulded entirely by their training and the sights they’ve seen. In addition, by including information on processes and gadgets which are used in these situations is so voyeuristically satisfying, not to mention incredibly interesting.

An excellent third addition to the series, and quite possibly the best yet. It seems Mitcham is really ramping up the pressure here, and I’m excited to see what comes next.