Book #04

The Master Lightning Bolt by A.P. Mobley

After years of struggling to choose between duty to his gods and loyalty to his friends, Karter, Son of Zeus finally has the decision made for him.

Not only have the gods killed everyone he loves most, but his father has also received visions that Karter is meant to execute Diana, Daughter of Apollo. Apparently, when he does so, the war on the gods will end in Zeus's favor, and, as a reward, Karter will be made into an immortal among the rest.

For a while, this seems like the perfect solution to Karter's problems. After all, what he wants most is to forget his agonizing past and move toward a brighter future. But as he spends more time on Olympus, he begins to realize pain may not be so easily buried.

Karter will have to face the choices he's made—and the gods who pushed him to make them. Otherwise, he'll lose himself to the darkness forever.

I’m delighted this one is now ready to consume, and also to be reunited with my old friends in our war on the gods. I’m equally as delighted to discover that although this series was intended as a trilogy, there’s just too much to fit in, and Mobley has chosen to write a fourth book to bring us to our conclusion. Less is more has no relevance here; I want it all.

I last left Zoey and Andy in possession of two of the divine items which will help them defeat the gods. Here, we focus on the final and most dangerous item of the three - the master lightning bolt, which must be wrestled from the hands of Zeus. Ouch.

Mobley gives us much of the same brilliance as we quest for this final item. We see battles, destruction, we feel a sense of hopelessness at the grim task ahead. In places it feels almost impossible, but peppered amongst the despair we have bold determination, the power of community, and a host of differing motivations to complete the task.

Each of our characters are clear in their reasoning; whether that’s stemmed from past experiences, the loss of loved ones, or a simple hatred for the actions of the gods, we see each of them up close and achieve perfect understanding of our mission. We explore their relationships, see how they interact, and it all feels deliciously voyeuristic.

The finale was everything I expected - total carnage dusted over with hints of victory and heartbreak. No spoilers, but I am devastated and bereft and immediately stood up to water my almost dead and definitely dehydrated peace lily. I realise this sounds like a strange reaction, but all will become clear when your heart breaks in a similar way.

I do think this is a series best read back to back, as I did struggle to remember what had happened previously. Mobley deals with this well, and slots in subtle reminders throughout to jog our memory, but as a forgetful person I look forward to the day I can revisit these and inhale them all in one go.

A wonderful installment in the series, and I am so excited to find out what happens in The Threads of Fate.