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Book #28

Any Day You Can Die by Thommy Waite Medellín, Colombia. The City of Eternal Spring. Mecca for digital nomads. Recently single and burnt out from Melbourne’s corporate scene, Tony Fletcher heads to Medellín in search of a reset. After moving into a frat house in the city’s nightlife hub, Tony becomes fascinated by the burgeoning gringo subculture that’s fueled by sex, drugs and currency arbitrage. Adrift and dead broke, Tony launches a dubious business on the dark web and gets thrust into the world of international drug trafficking. Under the cloak of a sham crypto coin, Tony and his associates begin living out their wildest fantasies. Yet there’s trouble in paradise — the natural order has been disturbed. No one climbs to the top without stepping on some toes. Every day is a blessing. Every friend could be a foe. Every dream can become a nightmare. After a breakup and an onset of disenchantment, Tony Fletcher flies from Melbourne to Medellín with aspirations to reconstruct his

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