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Book #68

Floating Underwater by Tracy Shawn Part psychological fiction and part mystical fiction with a dash of magical realism, Floating Underwater follows a woman’s astonishing journey through the extraordinary and, ultimately, to her own self- actualisation  and power. Fearful that her lifelong premonitions not only predict the future but can also change its very course, Paloma Leary is devastated when her latest vision foretelling a third miscarriage comes true. Falling into a mystifying world of increasingly bizarre phenomena, including a psychic connection with her mysterious neighbour , out-of-body experiences, and visits from her long-dead mother, Paloma grows desperate for answers. She is also desperate to start a family. But when a life-changing vision reveals a tragic secret from the past, Paloma learns to accept her gifts and embraces a far different future than she ever could have imagined.   Before plunging into this review, I should note this novel deals with many a distressing t

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