Book #45

The World's Most Evil Murderers by Colin & Damon Wilson

From Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, who sexually assaulted and killed five young victims in 1960's Britain, to Andrei Chikatilo, the Red Ripper, who confessed to fifty-fife sex murders in Russia, and from Richard Ramirex, the night Stalker, in the USA to Peter Kurten, the Dusseldorf Vampire, these are some of the most evil killers the world has ever seen.

This may have been really, really bad, or I may have a serious aversion to non-fiction. I haven't quite decided yet, but I didn't enjoy this at all.

It's split up into little chunks, one for each monster, and tells you all about their past, what drove them to it, the sordid details of exactly what they did, and how they met their end (if they had yet). Who knew such gore could be so boring? I frequently stopped halfway through a section to skip into the next one because there was no incentive to read on. It was all very dull and clinical, even the most disgusting and shocking of crimes were met with a "meh" from me. It read like a poorly written high school essay; there was absolutely nothing exciting in there at all. A book about serial killers which is lacking in excitement really is something to behold.

I really thought I was one of those crazy chicks with an obsessive interest in serial killers, but after reading this I could take them or leave them. Two people have asked to borrow this book from me, and I am going to feel guilty giving it to them.

I think I hate non-fiction.

45 / 72 books. 63% done!