Book #91

The Dhammapada

Captivating aphorisms illustrating the Buddhist dhamma, or moral system. 

This is a beautiful collection of Buddhist aphorisms on how best to live your life, focusing on love, knowledge, exuding goodness. They’re pure,  simplistically positive, and utterly inspiring.

Until, of course, you realise that a) you’re actually a horrible person, and b) some of these moral suggestions are a lot more easier to attain than others. I particularly struggled with the urging to keep our minds pure and think positive thoughts. My brain is a wild storm at the best of times, so taming that beast is quite a feat.

Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous introduction to the religion, and really exudes a purity I feel is missing from other religious texts (naming no names, of course). Despite probably never reaching nirvana, it’s encouraged me to act with a bit more thought than I have been doing.

Hate is not conquered by hate: hate is conquered by love. This is a law eternal.