Book #79

Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer

It's a virtual romance that begins by chance. When Leo mistakenly receives e-mails from a stranger named Emmi, he replies--and Emmi writes back. Soon, secrets are shared, sparks fly, and erotic tension simmers. Even though Emmi is married, it seems only a matter of time till they meet. But will their feelings survive a real-life encounter? And, if so-what then? 

I’m not really a romance kinda gal, but my mum bought this for me a few years ago, and it’s finally winged its way to the top of my reading list. I didn’t go in with high expectations, and yet now I’ve finished, I feel it’s one which may stay with me.

Leo and Emmi begin corresponding with each other due to an initially mistyped email address. As ridiculous as it sounds, they begin to build a relationship, and end up falling for one another.

I loathed both Leo and Emmi entirely. They are complete dicks. Each selfish, shallow, relying completely on the other for happiness, and unable to allow the other a life outside of their inboxes. The way they spoke to each other, and the pressures they put on each other, abhorred me. Oh, and Emmi is married.

There were also a number of far-fetched elements here, for which I found difficult to suspend disbelief. Super pixie dream girl meets brooding well-educated man online, completely by accident. Super pixie dream girl and brooding well-educated man live in the same city. Brooding well-educated man has conveniently just come out of a toxic relationship and is vulnerable

One email from Leo, however, really was quite realistic of brooding well-educated men:

Despite all this, there was something strangely addictive here. I think most of my enjoyment came from Glauttauer making me feel as though I were privy to something very secretive, and quite sacred. Reading the private emails of strangers, particularly strangers whose relationship is reaching a volatile crescendo, was quite delightful to me. I’m nosy.

And the finale was perfect. Fuck you both.