Book #14

Son of Time by A.P. Mobley

Three days. Three days have passed since the world ended.

After defeating Echidna and barely escaping the wrath of the Olympians, Valeria and Greg are on the run, massive destruction and walking corpses at every turn.

Soon the pair is discovered by Cyrus and Theia, two demigods who claim they need Valeria’s help slaying a monster. They say that the gods have resurrected the Lernaean Hydra, and that the creature has been sent to slaughter a band of regular mortals who managed to survive the gods’ storm.

Determined to protect innocent people, Valeria agrees to help Cyrus and Theia on their quest. However, as she and Greg spend more time with the demigods, it becomes clear things aren’t what they seem.

The War on the Gods series is one of the best I’ve read in a while. I always look forward to a new installment, and Mobley continues her story with the same engagement and intrigue I’m used to.

Our formula remains the same - demigod teenagers rebelling against the gods’ plan to blast humankind into tiny pieces. Again, they are lovingly crafted with backstories and motivations; their loves and losses raised such love from this old woman that it was impossible not to desperately support their quest.

My favourite part here was the sidestep away from the Greek gods and their appetite for destruction. Here, we are allowed a glimpse into Asgard for an audience with the Norse gods. There are also brief sightings of Egyptian gods, which led me to hope for more experiences with them in future. Mobley’s personification of the gods is exquisite; to think of them as real personalities is such an enjoyable and interesting experience. More gods, please.

I still feel there’s a masterclass in action in these novels. Each fight is perfectly paced, every monster or villain the right level of terrifying, every near miss a stopped breath. Even the explorations of the monsters’ origin stories and their horrifying abilities is something special.

Once again I have roared through a Mobley novel at record speed and I’m left needing more. Always impressed, but always greedy. Get on this series immediately if you’re a fan of mythology and/or fantasy.