Book #76

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

In her stories of seemingly ordinary people living extraordinary lives Miranda July reveals how a single moment can change everything.

I’m really not sure why I thought this one was worthy of a reread. Last read twelve years ago, my previous review is hardly thrilling, and I feel much the same the second time reading as I did the first.

Each of the stories feels ethereal and dream-like. I couldn’t feel connected to anyone as they seemed utterly unreachable; holograms, fairy folk, spirits. Everyone had a forlorn feeling radiating around them, a hopeless kind of aura, and yet I felt no sympathy nor a desire to help. I felt incredibly alone. For this reason, most of the stories fell flat for me.

My 2010 review promised I would read this again at a later date and a more robust review would follow. It seems aging twelve years doesn’t always allow better insight. I’m sure there’s some hidden meaning within these stories which my mind simply cannot grasp. And no promises this time, I’m not coming back to July.