Book #23

Morning Glories: P.E. by Nick Spencer

 The first days were just the beginning--when the faculty cancels classes and sends the students on an outing in the nearby woods, all hell breaks loose--sending the Glories on a mysterious journey through time and space.
And I'm irrefutably hooked.

The layers here are insane. Once you think you've guessed the answer to something, a layer is stripped back to reveal something even more macabre. Your brain can't compute everything - you don't know your arse from your elbow. The headfuck is amazing.

Everyone seems to have something to hide, and the academy is intent on bringing it all to the surface. I'm not really sure which characters to trust.

I loved the dialogue. Spencer captures the teenage attitude perfectly, and his pop culture references are spot on.

It seems as though Spencer has spent the last three volumes using mystery and intrigue to dig himself into a hole. I am so interested in finding out how he's going to dig himself out of this, and tie up the loose ends. I won't be reading volume four any time soon, which may be a blessing in disguise as volume five hasn't even been released yet.

Lastly, I'd like to give a small thanks to Jake, who left a comment on my review of volume one, explaining the concept of graphic novels, arcs, trade paperbacks, and all of the general jargon involved in this type of literature. Thank you - it has helped a lot.