Book #69

Well, they are gone and here must I remain by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A selection of Coleridge's poems, including 'This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison' and 'Frost at Midnight' 

It is now clear to me I am doomed to live my life with a complete lack of appreciation for poetry. Thank you, Little Black Classics range, for helping me see and understand this. A few of the poetry editions have filled me with some sort of emotion, but I always dread them. Coleridge was no different.

Having read Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and also having enjoyed it (although I promise this isn't just because it's famous), although dreading this instalment, I was also expecting much more from it. Here we have a collection of poems focusing mostly on love, religion, and nature. The style of these weren't quite what my imbecile brain can follow or comprehend, never mind become excited about. The rhythm seemed very off, certainly not captivating, although I'm sure it's probably some sort of revered rhythm I've never heard of.

Is there such a thing as Poetry for Dummies?