Book #83

The Space Between Heaven and Hell by Jay Darkmoore

Annie’s daughter is missing, and she is accused of a murder of a man she doesn’t remember killing. Annie’s nightmares bleed into her reality of that night. The home of Hugo Black. A tyrannical millionaire who’s home holds a terrible secret. A gathering of lost souls. A house filled with broken hearts and shattered dreams. When an unexpected guest arrives, the night turned from laughter and whispers to bloodshed.

A violent storm. High tensions and higher stakes. A lost child. A gun shot. Love, betrayal, friendships and shadow. Now Annie must uncover the secrets of her mind, delving back into the unfolding of events that left her body scarred as she awakens handcuffed to a hospital bed. Every person has their skeletons scratching behind the wood of the wardrobe door. How far will they go to keep their secrets at bay? Pushed against the wall, cut off from escape with Annie’s demons staring back at her, will she fight to escape them? Will she kill her best friend?

Darkmoore presents a delectable blend of horror, thriller, fantasy, and the supernatural with this creeping tale of inexplicable circumstance.

The prose is incredibly intricate, sometimes overly so, with in depth descriptions of almost everything you come into contact with. As we progress through the house where the terrors happen, Darkmoore makes sure we’re aware of everything dripping with opulence but in a somehow eerie way - as though this luxury is hiding something deadly.

It’s quite impossible to describe the plot without spoiling anything, but the twists and turns here, the sheer shocks, and the webs of lives intertwining, will keep you enthralled until the very end. We explore humanity, we see behind the veil, whilst spiralling through a story which is, at its heart, a true tale of gothic horror.