Book #28

The Legend of the Sleepers by Danilo Kiš

'For once there had been false idols and asses' heads drawn on the walls...'

Sleepers awake in a remote cave and the ancient mystic Simon Magus attempts a miracle, in these two magical, otherworldly tales from one of the greatest voices of twentieth-century Europe.

This one caused me pain.

Heavy on the biblical references, it seems my lack of piety was my downfall here. I’m sure if I had more (or any) faith, or had spent any time at all on the scriptures, I’d be able to find more meaning and impact here.

But the true fact is, I have no interest in anything holy, including these two short stories. A blasphemous statement indeed, but after reading them, the notion of being struck down by an errant lightning bolt would be a more than welcome outcome.