Book #38

Investigations of a Dog by Franz Kafka

How does a dog see the world? How do any of us? In this playful and enigmatic story of a canine philosopher, Kafka explores the limits of knowledge.

I was entirely convinced before reading this that I’d read some Kafka before, but on investigation it seems not to be the case. With this in mind, I’m assuming Investigations of a Dog is not the best place for anyone to start a Kafka journey.

Our canine friend shows us the world from his eyes and ponders on the workings and complexities of life’s processes. A lot of it went over my head; whether this is due to my disengagement leading to a sub-par attempt to analyse, or whether it’s due to my potential lack of intelligence I’m unable to say.

I’d appreciate thoughts on whether to attempt The Metamorphosis, although it might take me a while to steel myself after this.