Book #84

New York City in 1979 by Kathy Acker

"It is necessary to go to as many extremes as possible."

A tale of art, sex, blood, junkies and whores in New York's underground, from cult literary icon Kathy Acker.

I can’t say I enjoyed this, can’t say I understood it. I feel as though someone has grabbed me, shaken me, and set me back down again.

Acker gives us small insights into New York - snatched conversations, fly on the wall glimpses of life, and lots and lots of sex.

I welcomed the little snapshots here - what a treat to have a little modern classic with pictures! But, more than anything, I just liked them breaking up the prose and getting me through it quicker than usual.

Since reading, I’ve discovered Acker was heavily influenced by Burroughs and man that makes sense.