Book #14

Glittering City by Cyprian Ekwensi

"Forget all your fears now. Have a fling this night"

Untrustworthy, charming Fussy Joe spins stories and breaks hearts in this rollicking story set in the 'sensational city' of 1960s Lagos.

Cyprian Ekwenski introduces us to Fussy Joe - a dodgy, lying, shady character living in 1960s Lagos. His purpose in life seems to be to serve himself entirely, to use others as pawns, and to cheat his way through life with a keen desire to wring as much enjoyment out of it, and other people, as he can. It’s truly chaotic.

Joe’s choices are often disparaged by other characters, mostly the women, and it was comforting to see a balance of morals within the pages. His immorality, of course, makes him unlikable from the beginning, and although I wished to see those he had wronged somehow avenged, his antics are engaging, sometimes amusing, but ultimately tragic.

A truly perfect introduction to Cyprian Ekwenski.