Book #39

Madeleine by Kate McCann

Kate McCann's personal account of the disappearance and continuing search for her daughter.

I'd like to begin by saying I am not used to reading or reviewing non-fiction. I don't read a great deal of it as it doesn't let me escape in the same way as fiction does. This book in particular is awful to use as a tool for escapism, of course. I have also never truly had a proper opinion on this case until this book was given to me, and I was urged to read it.

I can't possibly begin to review this book in the same way I would a normal work of fiction. It was no literary miracle; I cringed at some of the grammar and sentence structure employed. But that isn't what this one is about, so I suppose all I can comment on is the situation.

The whole point of this book is to keep Madeleine's name, face, and story in the minds of the public in the hope that someone will bring the McCanns some sort of deliverance. The whole thing is eye-opening - Kate holds nothing back, and it's interesting and aggravating to see how they were treated at the lowest point in their lives. She is honest to the point of over-justification, which I didn't think necessary.

There is a lot of criticism of other parties, such as the Portuguese police force, which is obviously incredibly one-sided. This certainly does elicit great sympathy for the McCanns, however it did lead me to wonder how the criticised parties would defend themselves when faced with such observations. A great deal came across to me as sheer retaliation, which I suppose is fair enough.

There are lots of things going on in this book and I found it difficult to keep track of names, places and occurrences. I was frequently lost.

I have always maintained an indifferent attitude towards this case; however this book has tugged at my heartstrings somewhat. I cannot imagine the pain and frustration this has caused the McCanns. As Kate says herself in the book, the not knowing must be the worst part.

The book is very dark, dismal, and emotional. The ordeal the McCanns have gone through is something not to be wished on a worst enemy, and no doubt the writing of this book opened up painful wounds. I respect this as it's all in aid of finding Madeleine since there is no police body looking for her anymore. It's heartbreaking.

Fingers crossed the funds raised from this book, or the wide reach it has had, will prompt some sort of breakthrough in this investigation. It has left me feeling strangely empty, and I am reverting back to my imaginary land of fiction.

39 / 72 books. 54% done!