Book #27

The Rule of Benedict by Benedict of Nursia

How do you create a community? How can we work together? How do we stay true to our ideals? For almost fifteen centuries this extraordinary book has provided guidance.

Oh, to be a monk living in the eighth century by the pure and simple rules of Saint Benedict. It would be bloody awful.

How to behave. How to sleep, cook, and laugh. How to express disgruntlement or disagreement - everything was held to a high account by Benedict, and strict is not the word. Monks must live to serve God, and must follow every rule to ensure their purity and humility. Sounds ravenously tiresome; I have doubts on my worth as a monk.

Although interesting to read of the standards set out so long ago, and that these standards were in place for centuries, I couldn’t help but find this to be irretrievably dull.

Sorry, Benny.