Book #14

Morning Glories: Tests by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma

The Glories are scattered, The Faculty broken, and The Truants on the attack! 

I don't know. This is the fifth collection of Morning Glories I've read, and it's getting more confusing as it progresses. I had thought my confusion was due to the sporadic way in which I was reading the stories, but now I just think it's a mind-fuck of a series, and maybe something I can't quite wrap my tiny little mind around. 

The story is starting to straighten out so much that, in my naive way, I thought this was the final volume. Turns out there's loads still to come, and I'd really love to see where it's going.

This is definitely one to read when you have all of the volumes in front of you; it'd still be difficult to keep up, but a good run at it would probably help.